We run trips to two remarkable developing countries Kenya & India. Our trips in Kenya focus on volunteering in schools for orphans and destitute children and our India trips focus on adventure, culture and community cohesion.


KENYA is located in Eastern Africa which, despite its stunning landscape, culture and wildlife still remains a country stricken with HIV/AIDS and extreme poverty.

Younite Outreach Project have seen first-hand what a difference volunteers make to the lives of those less fortunate than us. This is why we do everything we can to ensure that we are able to take groups of volunteers to our partner projects throughout the year. Younite Outreach Project works closely with schools and Education programs based in Nakuru. Nakuru is the provincial capital of Kenya’s Rift Valley province, with roughly 300,000 inhabitants, and currently the fourth largest urban city in the country. Although we primarily take groups of volunteers from schools, college, universities, community groups and companies we can also facilitate individuals looking to volunteer in Kenya.

Volunteering is one of the most rewarding and life affirming things you can do. As a volunteer you will be involved in a range of activities. Your day will mainly consist of teaching, small scale renovating work, assisting with a feeding program, sports and social activities. You can get involved in everything or you can choose specific projects to work on.


INDIA is a country full of culture, faith, spiritualism, with an approximate population of 1,236,344,631. It is vibrant, colourful and incredibly beautiful. The seventh largest country in the world with an ever growing economy. India is a diverse country of affluence, extreme poverty, bustling cities and tranquil mountain retreats. Temples, rivers, markets, yoga, monkeys, cows you name it, India has it.

A country full of history from its social ranks, called castes, British rule from 1757 to Independence in 1947 with help from the famous Mahatma Gandhi.

Our trips take you on a journey through every aspect of India. Constantly on the move you will visit the Capital New Delhi where you will visit Raj Ghat (a Memorial Site for Mahatma Gandhi) Lotus Temple (a Bahá’í House of Worship). You will also visit our community partners based in the Slums of Delhi where you will see the work P.E.T.E India do to help the people who live there. You will visit the sacred city of Haridwar, camp in the mountains of Rishikesh, visit Ashrams, trek to waterfalls and take part in a 30k white water rafting experience along the river Ganges.

From its fast paced cities to its peaceful mountains, India is without doubt a place everyone should visit. A whirlwind of emotions to be had and a life time of memories to gain.